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Lana Rara - A real swiss product, ecologically and sustainable produced wool from old and rare breeds that are threatened with extinction.



    The Story  

Dominique Beinroth und Mirjam Ziebart are the founder of the Lana Rara Wool. Both grew up in creative environments and have found their love for knitting as teenagers. 22 years ago, Dominque then decided to have her own sheep, but she didn’t want an ordinary breed, she wanted to support a very rare one. The Bündner Oberländer breed. Mirjam and Dominque have met each other on spinning and knitting events and have both realised that they have a passion for wool from rare breeds that does not get used and mostly thrown away. Driven by the feeling of incomprehension they wanted to create something that uses exactly that wool and gives it a new purpose. After a few conversations, they decided to take the risk and start their own brand. Dominique and Mirjam both wanted to not only have rare Swiss wool but also try to get as much as possible of the washing, spinning and dyeing done locally and support small and eco-friendly run family businesses. They got the chance to work together with the last two wool washing and wool spinning mill companies in Switzerland. Almost all wool used for Lana Rara is from small organic farms or from passionate breeders for which the sheep are more like family. So, buying the Lana Rara wool is not just buying some pretty wool, it is supporting a project that stands for rare breeds wool, local Swiss production and a sustainable lifestyle.




Available at our small local shop in Winterthur, Switzerland and in our online store.


Lana Rara GmbH

Dorfstrasse 19

8542 Wiesendangen



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